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Summer Referral Program

Share Snap! Raise, Earn $40


How it Works


Refer a Friend

Click the link and submit as many Club Leaders, and Youth Sports Coaches as you like!


Campaign Launch

Your referred Leaders and Coaches launch a campaign. 


Earn Gift Cards

Each referred campaign launch in 2018 means a gift card for you. Earn $40 for June, $20 for July and $10 for August and later until the end of the year.

Complete the form below to be eligible to receive $40

Program Eligibility Requirements

Gift card amounts are dependent on the referred campaign launch date. Campaigns launching in June earn $40, July earn $20, August and after earn $10. You may choose one gift card from Amazon, Nike or Starbucks per referred and launched campaign. The referred party cannot have ran a campaign with Snap! Raise in the last 12 months. Referred party’s campaign must launch in 2018. Unlimited submissions are accepted. Referral submissions close on 6/30/18 at 11:59pm. Self-referrals are not eligible.