Lacrosse Recruiting: 5 Sources for Valuable Information

Lacrosse Recruiting: 5 Sources for Valuable Information

It goes without saying that making the jump from competing in high school to competing at the collegiate level in any sport is quite the leap. The recruiting process is a daunting one, as there are a multitude of factors that play into where a qualified player will ultimately end up. This is no different in high school lacrosse. 

Right now, the odds of any high school male lacrosse player receiving any Division 1 scholarship is only 0.86%. Add that to the fact that while there are over 170,00 high school boy's lacrosse players, there are only 67 Division 1 programs, 56 Division 2 programs, and 216 Division 3 programs. It's safe to say that in order for a player to make their way into the collegiate ranks, not only do they need outstanding skills and grades to even be considered, but they also need to be preparing themselves for the recruiting process along the way.

Check out these 5 sources that can help your lacrosse players and parents familiarize themselves with the hectic recruiting process:

1. US Lacrosse Boy's College Recruiting Guidebook

US Lacrosse Girl's College Recruiting Guidebook

These handbooks cover the general information on high school lacrosse recruiting. From questions that student-athletes should be asking themselves and to potential schools, to statistics on scholarships and programs, to facts on walk-ons, these handbooks contain the "need-to-know" information for high school lacrosse players, as well as parents.

2. College Recruiting Timeline for Lacrosse

This article provides a detailed timeline on what players should be doing from Freshman year, all the way up until the end of their Senior year. It provides a great idea of the types of things players should be doing at each stage of their high school career. Think of it as a check-list in terms of what needs to be done, and when.


This website is basically a copy-cat "" but for lacrosse. It will show you the top ranked players in the nation, what year their graduating class is, and what college they will be attending. It also provides evaluations of each player, and feature stories on how they made their college selection. It's a great tool for players that are getting recruited to use to see the competition they're up against, and where popular colleges are for top-ranked players.

4. Next College Student Athlete

This is where high school lacrosse players who are looking to get noticed should go to. It allows players to create a recruiting profile, complete with season-by-season statistics, highlight videos, and game film. Coaches who have access to this website are able to check out your profile, and can reach out to you if interested. It's an excellent way for players to get their names out to coaches and show them what they've got.

5. College Lacrosse Scholarships and Recruiting

This article is somewhat the same as the aforementioned handbooks in terms of general information, but with a greater focus specifically on scholarships. It has information on what coaches look for when giving out scholarships, how many schools offer scholarships and how many they offer, and who the top schools are that give offer scholarships. If the player is looking into scholarships for playing at the next level, then this article is worth a read.


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